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Birth Photography 

Firstly, congratulations on the expected arrival of your precious bundle!! This is such an exciting time and if you are interested in having this special moment captured then please let me tell you some more about Birth Photography and why it truly so powerful and beautiful.


I photograph all kinds of birth - Hospital, Home, Cesarian, Freebirth, Surrogacy, adoption and loss. Everyone’s story is unique and what makes your family special, having these moments frozen in time is not only so special for you but also your children and future generations. 

Birth photography is about creatively photographing your labour, birth and post-partum, capturing the journey to motherhood and the emotions unfolding as you bring your baby into the world.


Birth has to be one of the most magical, transformative and intimate moments a woman and family can experience. Often, we have so much adrenaline running through our body that we do not quite remember the small but beautiful moments throughout labour and birth. This may be your husband/birth partner holding back your hair, giving you a sip of water or simply resting a hand nearby to let you know they are close. 


By having me photograph your birth you are not only documenting the story of how your tiny human entered the world, you are going to have those first moments to revisit over and over. The first time your eyes meet, first touch of their flakey skin, first breastfeed and first daddy cuddles. These are all moments that can never be replicated or more cherished.


Having me there also takes a lot of pressure off your birthing partner; it allows them to be fully present with you throughout the whole experience. They get relief from not having to try get photos and missing out on the moments themselves, no-one must compromise their focus or energy on anything other than each other and the long-anticipated arrival of your baby. 


Being invited into your birth space is something I take very seriously and honourably, I work in an unobtrusive and reverent manner, respecting your wishes every step of the way. I am extremely lucky to witness the amazing strength and beauty it takes to bring a baby earth side.


As I can only take on limited births each month, spots do fill up fast. It is best to get in touch as soon as you are considering Birth Photography to ensure you do not miss out. I offer payment plans along with gift registry options. I service Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW for public, private and home births. I work collaboratively and professionally with all birth workers including midwives, doulas, nursing staff and doctors.

If you would like to know more, then please get in touch. Let’s grab a coffee and chat about what I do and how I could be the right person to photograph this precious journey of yours.




Thank You!


If you are interested in having your birth photographed or learning more about birth packages, just get in touch! 

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